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Rebuild collagen and improve skin texture.

By increasing and inducing collagen production, Procell Therapies strengthens the epidermis and promote smooth, plump, healthier skin.

The Benefits of ProCell Skin Therapies

Elastin and collagen are restored

  • Softens fine lines and wrinkles  

  • Skin texture is smoother 

  • Reduce ance scarring

  • Minimize large pores

  • Improve hyperpigmentation/sun damage

  • Soften Postoperative scars

  • Stretch mark improvement 

What is microneedling/microchanneling?

Microneedling is used for skin rejuvenation or collagen induction. Tiny needles pierce the skin which initiates your body natural healing response producing new collagen and elastin in the skin. You literally grow new skin that is more plump and resilient!

What makes Procell different than traditional microneedling systems?

ProCell therapy includes TWO scientifically advanced technologies


​The ProCell precision tips ensure even penetration of the skin for very consistent results. It is minimally invasive

but produces maximum stimulation of the skin.

Pen and roller style treatments create non-uniform coverage, can leave drag marks, surface scratches and micro-tears, and most importantly, lead to extended recovery periods. ProCell was created with better science. It uses fixed needle lengths, creating a uniform and consistent micro-channels, and has significantly less tissue damage. The linear stamping technique, versus dragging or rolling, results in substantially decreased discomfort with shortened downtime and better results.


Livra MD Serum aka Liquid gold

The micro-channels created by microneedling increase absorption by 300%. During and after the procedure Procell MicroChannel Delivery Serum is applied to the skin to penetrate the micro-channels and enhance the production of healthy new skin.


Procell MicroChannel Delivery System contains Stem CytokinesTM, Hyaluronic acid, and recombinant growth factors. These are naturally occurring ingredients, normally found in the skin. The ingredients in the Procell Microchannel Delivery System work together to amplify the collagen induction response and help decrease inflammation (downtime).

Procell treatment: 

Initial consultation with Pre-Procedure instructions; Complete medical history and review; Numbing, Single-use cartridges, Stem cell serums, After treatment moisturizing mask, Aftercare with AnteAGE serum and accelerator with Stem Cytokines for 3 days home care. 



Full face...............................................$400

Add on neck and chest......................$200

Series of 3 treatments.......................$1050

Additional treatment past series of 3.....$325

Body treatments..........Please contact us

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