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Svetlana Harding

Permanent makeup artist,  

Correction specialist & Educator

permanent makeup brows, svetlana harding, machine brows, powder brows

Svetlana Harding

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Permanent makeup artist,  

Correction specialist & Educator

Meet Svetlana, your Permanent Makeup Artist. She is passionate about art and beauty and loves exploring this with her clients. By accentuating a person’s natural features, she can help those individuals achieve the look they are seeking, allowing them to feel best about themselves.

She was classically trained in Europe, where she gained a strong foundation in all aspects of permanent makeup. Much of her work today specializes in creating natural-looking permanent Makeup. She particularly enjoys "brow repair artistry", restoring brows that have been damaged or compromised in some fashion. 


Vanityhouse, svetlana harding, lip blush, powder brows

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