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Detailed pricing for select styles and artists can be found on the chosen service page.  

Cosmetic tattoos

Eyebrows start at $500

Eyeliner starts at $350

Lips start at $500

Corrections start at $550

Removal starts at $150

Annual colour boost start at $250

*All cosmetic tattoo prices include a follow-up perfecting session to be done 4-8 weeks post.

Aesthetic treatments

PROCELL microneedling  starts at $350

Lash lift& tint $85


Vanityhouse is an exclusive studio open by appointment only. 


Permanent Makeup procedure results are not guaranteed. Many factors affect how the body heals, which the artist may not have complete control over. It can be a multi-step process, an additional session may be required to obtain desired results and must be completed in a timeframe not exceeding 12 weeks past the initial appointment. Although We do our absolute best to provide you with quality service and products, each client heals differently and many factors will lead to varied results.




If you have previous permanent makeup that was done by another artist we ask that you send in a clear photo to or book an in-person consultation to determine if we are able to work with your existing tattoo.  A pigment lightning session may be recommended prior to starting.
If colour correcting is needed an additional session prior to the initial design may be needed at an extra cost. No refunds will be made for any services performed.




Acceptable payment methods: Cash, debit and all major credit cards. If you are paying in cash, please have the exact change as we do not have extra cash on site
A standard Alberta GST will be added to the cost of the procedure (5%).



We book a considerable amount of time for each client to ensure they receive the attention they deserve. So as mutual respect We ask that you give at least 48 hours notice before cancelling or rescheduling.  Without that time it is very hard to fill the space which means a loss of income they rely on.

We understand life situations arise and are generally forgiving but

NO-SHOW appts Or two last-minute cancellations

will be asked to pay a 50% deposit to rebook with us.




Permanent makeup procedures are typically a two-step process, please do not expect perfect results after the first session. The first session is used to build a beautiful soft base. The second session is used to perfect the details, shape and symmetry.

We will offer to book your second appointment during your first visit, after that it is your responsibility to book your appointments. It is recommended you schedule your touch-up 4-6 weeks after your initial appointment, any touch-up appointments scheduled after 12 weeks will be charged depending on the timeframe from your last appointment.

Melanin-rich skin tones

Darker skin tones require special attention. A very gentle approach and a longer healing time are needed.  A minimum of 8 weeks before the touchup can be performed.  A third colour-building session may also be required at an additional cost of $150.

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