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Privacy Policy

What type of information does Vanityhouse collect?

Vanityhouse will collect the clients full name, email, phone number to book an appointment or subscribe to our email list


How do we collect information?

Vanityhouse collects info when a visitor subscribes to our email list, when they send us a message through our “Contact us” link, or when they book an appointment.


Why do we collect such personal information?

We collect this information for scheduling and correspondence purposes. Our emailing list is for marketing purposes, and it's necessary to gather clients info in order to send them info about their appointments (pre/post care/ appointment details)


How do we store, use, share and disclose our site visitors' personal information?

We store our clients info in our booking system and email, which is accessed only by Vanityhouse. Our emailing list is used for promotional purposes, and sometimes shared with a third party marketing contact.  


How do we communicate with site visitors?

Communication is by the clients/visitors email or phone number that they have supplied.  Communication is for appointment details, scheduling, marketing, or answering questions they may have regarding our services. If a visitor sends Vanityhouse a message, they will be asked to provide their contact information so we can reply, the message is sent to our email, and we reply through email.  If a visitor adds their info to our email list, we will receive an email notifying us, along with their contact information.  The contact info is added to our booking system, and we can export the info for promotions, or marketing purposes. If the visitor no longer wants to receive our emails, they can “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the promotional email.


How can our site visitors withdraw their consent?

Vanityhouse visitors can unsubscribe from our email list and their info will not be used going forward

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