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 Cosmetic tattooing has grown in popularity over the last decade, and is now becoming the word on everyone’s lips as the best-kept secret for rejuvenating facial features – the one that keeps everyone guessing what you could have done to look so good! Just imagine makeup that won’t smear or wash off, ensuring you look your best 24/7… makeup

The Process


We welcome you to book an in person or over the phone consultation prior to your procedure appointment.  We will discuss any questions you may have. See for yourself how knowledgable and competent our artists are, and ease any reservations you may have.

A consultation is not always required. If you do not feel like you would like a seperate appt prior to the actual procedure booking. You can be assured before we do anything there is plenty of time to discuss and have a full understanding of what you are hoping to achieve 



Although we are professionals we fully understand everyone has their own unique version of what beauty is. That is why we believe in full and honest collaboration with you to design your perfect everyday look. Our approach is always to start conservatively. This not only allows you to see for yourself how soft our techniques will heal but will give us the opportunity to build on our first results if you decide you would like a little bolder or darker look. Custom colours are mixed to blend with existing hair and compliment your features.



We take every step necessary to carefully define every detail of your cosmetic procedure. Knowledge is power and understanding each step will put you at ease.

Of course, a common worry is about the pain. After thousands of procedures, the most common statement at the end is  “that was not half as bad as I thought it would be”.  

We make every effort to ensure you are comfortable throughout the process, using top-quality anesthetics and minimally invasive techniques.

We will review the full healing process and provide you with tried and true products for your aftercare Regime.

Finishing touch //Follow-up procedure.


Every procedure includes a second refinement session. This allows us to adjust or add if you would like a stronger effect. This also allows us to ensure our work is the absolute best it can possibly be. your ultimate happiness is our number one priority. You are our walking advertisement after all. 

Long term maintenance.


We cherish the relationships we build with each and every one of our clients, along with the trust they place in us to preform their treatments.  Permanent makeup will slowly fade over time and require the color to be refreshed over the years. Different factors play a part in this. Learn more about that here.


Our commitment to our previous clients is a discounted maintenance rate on your lifetime color boosts.  If you have work done by another artist a consultation is required to see if this could apply to you.

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