Areola/Nipple Restoration 

It's our passion & privilege to work with breast cancer and transitioning patients. Unfortunately, breast cancer survivors must make a difficult decision to remove their areolas and nipples when undergoing a mastectomy or breast reconstruction due to breast cancer.  We also strive to empower and support transitioning people, and mindfully contribute to the restorative process that allows women to put breast cancer behind them.  A natural-looking, 3D nipple can be achieved through the art of areola tattooing. Our priority is to ensure that our clients receive the best treatment to assist them in restoring self-esteem and improve self-confidence.

Eyebrow and Eyeliner 

Losing your hair, such as through Alopecia or Chemotherapy treatment, is a very hard road to travel. We have incredible techniques that allow us to simulate hair perfectly. It also allows us to create total brow reconstruction for those who have completely bare brows and have been impacted by a condition that has reduced or eliminated brow hair growth. 

We can add darkness through shadow back into the lash line so you won't even miss those eyelashes. 

Cleft Lip Treatment

Certain skin injuries and symptoms such as a labial cleft lip can be improved with a combination of scar relaxation and color repigmentation.   In restoring symmetry to your lips the treatment stages, pigments and techniques will vary according to the severity of the cleft lip. 


Cosmetic tattoo

Advanced aesthetics